Friday, July 18, 2008

Laws against Discrimination against the Disabled that apply to the disabled also apply to their carers

Dear Friends,

There is some good legal interpretation happening here. The European Union's Highest Court has ruled that Employers can be found guilty of discriminating against the parent of a disabled child under the EU equality laws.

I feel this indicates a paradigm shift in the interpretation of Equality laws and shows higher sensitivity of the Court to relate the stress of the carer as related to disability.

The European Court of Justice says laws against the discrimination of the disabled also apply to their carers. It says in a recommendation issued Thursday for a British court case that a London law firm was wrong to refuse legal secretary Sharon Coleman her previous job after she gave birth to a son with breathing problems.

Coleman claims her employers said she was lazy when she asked for time off to care for her child. She says other workers with non-disabled children received better treatment and more flexible working hours.

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