Tuesday, June 17, 2008

MCI not allowing a candidate with polio in upper limbs to pursue PG Course

Here is yet another example of attitude- (often attitudes have been termed as real disabilities!) of MCI not allowing the petitioner in this case to pursue her PG Course in Radiology.

Saroj Yadav, who has post polio residual paralysis of the right hand between the shoulder and the elbow, has completed MBBS from Grant Medical College and is currently pursuing PG course in radiology which was opposed by the MCI.

According to MCI rule, candidates with upper limb disabilities are not eligible for admission to MBBS course, too. However, as a result of this petition, the Bombay High Court has clearly said that the Candidate has proved that the rule is Bad and granted provisional admission to Saroj.

Often authorities fail to even recognise the abilities of the people with upper limb disabilities. A person with a congenital both arms malformation is not suitable for any job as per the Identification List published by Government of India. However, the list itself is not exhaustive and only indicative. In such a scenario the authorities fail to appreciate the abilities of the candidate and unilaterally close all doors of opportunities for them.

You may read the detailed news article at http://www.svayam.com/?q=node/714 and just wait for the final judgement which I shall post on this very blog.
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SC Vashishth