You are welcome to the website of Disability Rights India,  titled 'Disability Rights Through Courts'. It aims to provide a forum for active advocacy, dialogue, capacity building and consensus for better implementation of disability legislation and policies in India.

Formerly a google blog 'Disability Rights Through Courts', it has been a platform to share the periodic updates on developments in disability law, policy formulation and related fields across the world with special focus on India. It specifically discusses and analyses the successes and failures (learnings) in the struggle of restoring disability rights through court intervention and general discourse on human rights of people with disabilities.

This forum also provides services such as Legal Counselling, Capacity Building Webinars and Workshops for legal fraternity, both at the bar and the bench, professionals, para-legal workers, Panchayati Raj Members, legislators, administrators, police officials, NGOs and DPOs, other professionals and community workers etc.

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