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Monday, August 5, 2013

Colourblindness no ground for denying promotion - Delhi High Court

Expressing displeasure over the central government's inaction, the Delhi High Court has directed the authorities to treat CRPF personnel with colour blindness on par with others for promotion.

A bench of Justice Gita Mittal and Justice Deepa Sharma said in a recent order that the authorities "have proceeded arbitrarily" in the cases of the colour blind personnel compelling them to repeatedly approach the court.

Earlier, the court decided the issue relating to colour blindness in serving Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) whose colour blindness was discovered at the time of medical examination for promotion.

The court said that such personnel "would be entitled to full benefits of promotions as is extended to those who do not suffer from colour blindness".

However, despite "clear directions of the court, the authorities were not only refusing promotion but were proceeding to board out such personnel who were discovered to be suffering from colour blindness".

The court said the authorities had "miserably" failed to abide by the specific directives of the court.

The observations of the court came on the petition of Suresh Ram, a trooper whose promotion was stalled following the discovery that he was colour blind.

The court directed the authorities to promoted Ram from the rank of constable to head constable with all benefits, including seniority.